Smithbilt Homes

Smithbilt Homes recognizes the importance of Realtors and wants to reward, encourage, and incentivise Realtors to sell multiple Smithbilt homes.

Here’s how it works….


For every Smithbilt Home you CLOSE between January 1 and December 31, selling agent’s cooperating compensation will be paid as follows.

  •             1st Home = Flat Fee per MLS (normal cooperating compensation)
  •             2nd Home = Flat Fee per MLS plus $500.00 BONUS
  •             3rd Home = Flat Fee per MLS plus $1,000 BONUS
  •             4th Home = Flat Fee per MLS plus $1,500 BONUS
  •             5th Home = Flat Fee per MLS plus $2,000 BONUS
  •             6th + Home = Flat Fee per MLS plus $2,500.00 BONUS

The commission schedule resets to the normal cooperating compensation every year on January 1.

The following rules apply:

  1. The Realtor Reward Program applies to ALL new construction, never occupied homes. Does not apply to existing homes or “trade” homes.
  2. All homes must CLOSE between January 1 and December 31 of the same year.
  3. In the event a bonus/sales incentive is already offered on a new Smithbilt home, the selling agent will receive the higher valued bonus of the two. The agent will not receive both bonuses.
  4. Only the individual, licensed agent is eligible. Bonuses will only be paid to the actual selling agent working with buyer and listed on Confirmation of Agency agreement. Does not apply to Team Leaders.
  5. Realtor Reward Closing Form

    must be submitted with every Confirmation of Agency Agreement and correctly reflected on every Cooperating Compensation Agreement

**All Smithbilt homes are listed by Southland Realtors (865) 693-6961 located at 244 N. Peters Road Knoxville, TN 37923. All cooperating compensation and/or bonuses are approved by Smithbilt Homes and paid by Southland Realtors. All bonuses and cooperating compensation will be reflected on the closing documents***

Flat Fee Schedule

Price Range Flat Fee
$275,000-299,999 $5,750.00
$300,000-324,999 $6,250.00
$325,000-349,999 $6,750.00
$350,000-374,999 $7,250.00
$375,000-399,999 $7,750.00
$400,000-424,999 $8,250.00
$425,000-449,999 $8,750.00
$450,000-474,999 $9,250.00
$475,000-499,999 $9,750.00
$500,000-524,999 $10,250.00
$525,000-549,999 $10,750.00
$550,000-574,999 $11,250.00
$575,000-599,999 $11,750.00
$600,000-624,999 $12,250.00
$625,000-649,999 $12,750.00
$650,000-674,999 $13,250.00
$675,000-699,999 $13,750.00