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Sales Incentives and Bonuses

Realtors, we couldn’t do this without you, so HELP US, HELP YOU.

How many Smithbilt Homes can you sell between Jan 1 – Dec 31???

Well, to reward those hardworking agents who sell multiple new, Smithbilt homes, we have created a sales incentive structure that pays bonuses on multiple, annual sales. For more information click below.

Sales Incentive Information

Write Up a Contract

Agents, we want to help you by taking the hassle out of the paperwork when selling a Smithbilt Home. Here’s how we are trying to make the transaction hassle free…

How It Works…
  1. Buyer’s agent submits an offer using Smithbilt’s website form.
  2. Listing agent audits offer for accuracy.
  3. Once approved, buyer receives a link to sign the offer.
  4. Once signed, the offer is sent to the seller.
  5. If the seller accepts or rejects the offer, the buyer and their agent will be notified.
  6. If the seller counters the offer, the buyer’s agent receives a link to respond to the counteroffer.
  7. If the buyer’s agent accepts the counteroffer, the buyer receives a link to sign it.
  8. If the buyer’s agent rejects the counteroffer, the seller is notified.
  9. If the buyer’s agent counters the counteroffer, the buyer receives a link to sign their counteroffer before it’s sent to the seller.
  10. The counteroffer process can repeat until the receiving party accepts or rejects or until an offer or counteroffer expires.
  11. Offers and counteroffers expire at 11:59 PM, 3 days from the date of submission.
  12. Once an offer or counteroffer is accepted and signed, the listing agent will execute the contract and all parties will be notified.

Meet the Smithbilt Sales Team


Cindy Engstrom
Call or Text (865) 567-2114
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Community: Hayden Farms

Renea King
Call or Text (865) 789-0057
Email Renea

Community: The Farm at Riverbend

Jessica Catapano
Call or Text (781) 264-7909
Email Jessica

Community: Belltown

Brooklyn Justice
Call or Text (865) 776-1957
Email Brooklyn

Community: Belltown

Kerry Kennedy
Call or Text (865) 228-2261
Email Kerry

Community: Creek Valley Estates

Shirley Ross
Call or Text (865) 719-7815
Email Shirley

Community: Emory Orchard

Angela England
Call or Text (865) 934-2313
Email Angela

Community: The Preserve

Kristin White
Call or Text (865) 566-8004
Email Kristin

Community: The Preserve

Debra Powers
Call or Text (865) 898-6300
Email Debra

Community: Meadows at Shannon Valley

Lisa Raben
Call or Text (865) 963-5837
Email Lisa

Community:  Honey Oaks

Dixie Price
Call or Text (865) 386-0043
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Community:  The Highlands at Copeland

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