Smithbilt Homes

The 10 STEP Emotional Rollercoaster


Now don’t get us wrong, buying a new, Smithbilt home is an exciting, wonderful event in your life overall, but that’s not to say the process won’t test your mood. And here’s why we say that.

We’ve received feedback from thousands of our home buyers over the last couple years, and the consensus seems to be that buyers experience a “rollercoaster of emotions” and the thresholds creating each emotion seems to be evident.

Step 1: Its all about you, and you have FULL control. This is the step where you commit to YOUR NEW HOME SEARCH.

Step 2: You exhaust all your time and energy looking through all your options. You’ve weighed every pro and con of every community and every floor plan. You’ve visited every open house. You’re excited yet anxious, and this is the step you commit to a community, lot and floor plan.

Step 3: The word negotiating pretty much says it all. During this step you technically still have full control, but you feel like you are slowly losing the control. And after what seems to be a “back and forth” process, you and Smithbilt agree to move forward and a contract is executed.

Step 4: The highest of highs. Your home comes to life. You start feeling excited again. You start telling your family and friends. The abstract idea of your new home becomes tangible with your house now framed.

Step 5: This is where YOUR new house takes character and becomes different from the other houses by adding the exterior colors you have chosen. But wait, you see brick going up on the house, you see siding going on the house, and for some reason “it doesn’t look like my brick”. This is a VERY common scenario/emotion. Trust us, its the right brick, and if for some reason a mistake has been made (1 out of 1000) then we will correct the mistake.

Step 6: You’re still not convinced that the colors are correct, but you’re trusting the process and moving on. Now you are in the house looking at a “mess”. Pipe, wires, boxes, people, trash is now all over your new home and its overwhelming.

Step 7: Sheetrock. Your anxiety is at its highest point because it feels like “the walls are closing in”, which they actually are, and you feel like there has to be a mistake somewhere…..and there may be, but we will fix it.

Step 8: Cabinets are installed, trim is installed, your walls get primed with paint, and you can finally tell what room is what. Your confidence comes back. You start laying out furniture and talking about your first social gathering at your new home. Life is good again.

Step 9: The initial walk through process. Typically the house hasn’t had its final cleaning, there is definitely paint touch up needed, there is probably a scratch somewhere, and a handful of additional items needing to be addressed. You’re still excited but want it to be perfect before you move in and we understand.

Step 10: Your concerns from the walk through have been addressed, your home is clean and you’re ready to close and move-in. Hallelujah!

“Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But its your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.”