Smithbilt Homes

LAND…..the gift that keeps on giving

It’s very obvious that without Land, Smithbilt would not exist, but what isn’t so obvious is what ELSE would not exist…….

Without land, Smithbilt could not have provided a home to 282 families in 2016.

Without families buying homes, Smithbilt could not provide jobs to the 100’s of employees and subcontractors it takes to build a Smithbilt community.

If new communities are not being built, the jobs don’t exist and the growing population doesn’t have adequate living options.

If jobs don’t exist and housing is not available, then people are moving to where jobs and housing do exist.

If people are moving, the local economy can not grow.

“It’s the growth of local economies that are the backbone of America and America’s middle-class”

If you own land and are interested in selling, don’t hesitate to let us know.


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