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The Great Debate……FORMAL DINING

Is it acceptable to be INFORMAL?!?

A “decent size” FORMAL dining room is 14′ X 12′. Our question to you is……..would you rather have/apply that 168 square feet somewhere else, or is a Formal Dining Room a “necessity”?

Like any argument, there are pros and cons to each side, and in this case, this argument doesn’t apply to every situation. For example, there are plenty of floor plans in our portfolio that don’t offer a “formal dining” room, simply because adding one (formal dining room) would slide the square footage (which translates into dollars) of the home out of the “affordable category”. So, let us re-phrase our question………..

If you were buying a home priced between $200,000 and $250,000, would your REQUIRE, NEED, DESIRE a formal dining room?……and to take the question one step further and specify where the space would be used……… Would you rather have a “formal dining room” or increase the size of the Family/living room?



2 thoughts on “The Great Debate……FORMAL DINING”
  1. scarlett valentine says:

    we actually chose our smithbilt floor plan BECAUSE it had a nice size formal dining room separate from the living room and kitchen. we are in our mid thirties with 3 kids and we make it a family tradition to have nice set tables on Sundays and we enjoy hosting easter brunch and thanksgiving. we passed on several houses because no dining room.

  2. admin says:

    All right all you “formal dining room haters”……You spoke and we listened………We took one of our best sellers, THE FRANKLIN, “booted” the formal dining room and came up with THE BRISTOL.

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