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Where Will You Retire…..?

Life is too short to retire……in the NORTH

Below is an article confirming a “factual opinion” that “us in the south” have known for a long, long time……..and that is…….

“Retirement is better in the South, especially KNOXVILLE, TN.”


And if you don’t believe us, read the article…it’s on the internet…so it must be true.

Obviously, not everyone is going to agree with the article, which ranks cities on three, “high priority” categories that are considered when contemplating where to retire, and those are…

Cost of Living

Quality of Life


…which we agree are 3 heavy considerations when contemplating where to retire, but we want to take it one step further and give the “doubters” a few more “factual opinions” before they turn a “cold shoulder” (pun intended), which is our first “factual opinion”, Weather.

Below “Factual Opinions” apply when comparing East Tennessee v.s. any state north of Kentucky

•WEATHER:  Without getting all “scientific, meteorologist-like”, lets just stick to some simple facts. Both have 4 seasons…4, mild to moderate in East Tennessee, and 3, mild to moderate in the North; however there is that 1 season in the North that is the extreme, and we’re sure you can guess which season we are referring to……and if not, put it this way…..people in east Tennessee don’t know what  “the frost-line” is….or even better, know what a “snow blower” is…..just saying.

•LOCATION: Clearly, because of air travel, anyone can be anywhere within 24 hours, but if you take airplanes out of the equation and get the urge to do a family road trip, “Family Vacation” style, then consider the vast destinations  you can travel being at the cross-hairs of I-40 and I-75, the two most traveled, yet safest interstates in the U.S.

•RECREATION: This is where it gets unfair…….other than ice fishing, we challenge you to come up with a recreation that you can do in the North and cannot in East Tennessee.

•MONEY: With no state income tax and a low cost of living, you will be richer in the South.

Obviously, we are biased in this conversation, and mean no disrespect to our northern neighbors, but if you are in the process of planning retirement, we recommend you consider East Tennessee, and more specifically, consider a Smithbilt Community, especially Waterside Condos or Waterside Cove.

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